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We're jump-starting 2011 with THREE


SmartyCam GP

Same video quality, same data overlay capability - new body style, allowing the camera to be placed anywhere!

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You donít need an AIM logger to use SmartyCAM!  It can be used in all situations, with all types of vehicles.

It can source data simply from integrated GPS + three-axial accelerometer and/or directly from a large number of ECU via specific interfaces.

All-In-One System

The SmartyCAM captures, memorizes, compresses and reproduces your video with data overlay.


Movies can easily be downloaded to your computer using a memory card, or USB cable. Watch it on your computer, or burn a DVD to watch on your TV.



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M84 Entry Level ECU

Install it as a stand-alone ECU or as part of a complete motorsport-ready engine management and data acquisition solution.

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The M84 is a versatile, race-bred ECU that is suitable for a broad range of high performance applications, including engines with up to 8 cylinders. It also suits rotary engines with twin, triple or quad rotors.

This new, entry level ECU is based on the advanced technology in MoTeC's benchmark M800, with a package of features to suit more moderate system requirements. It includes on-board Wideband Lambda plus 512 kB of data logging memory as standard.




Laptimers with a brain!

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SOLO is a state-of-the-art lap timer, based on GPS technology; just turn it on and it automatically recognizes track, beacon and split positions!

SOLO-DL is a full mini datalogger with an internal GPS receiver.  In addition to all the features of SOLO, it offers the possibility of ECU connection via CAN, RS232, and OBD-kLine.


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