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Upcoming SnoPro seminars January 11 AND January 18 in Eagle River, WI!  Hosted by World Snowmobile Headquarters and Museum. Learn more here: SnoTechnica 2023

Sign up at SnoTechnica@gmail.com or call (630) 766-4402



















































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ATTENTION AIM USERS:  RaceStudio2, the AIM data analysis software has recently been updated with powerful new features!  Click the "Upgrade" button to jump to the download page where you can view a demo video and download the latest version.















































































EVO4 has arrived and conquered! After thorough testing by our winter SnoX and Oval teams, this has already become a multi-championship winner! The long-anticiapted analog expansion hub is also available. This permits you to add unlimited channels (in groups of 4) to your EVO3pro, EVO4, or MXL loggers! And did someone mention the SmartyCam? Possibly the most innovative data-video device of 2009 .....more details.




























































































Teams are learning all about ride height. True Ride Height. Our Ultrasonic Ride Height Sensor is useful for determining pitch, roll, and absolute ground clearance, something mere shock pots cannot do! Used with shock pots, you can determine the degree of tire growth/compression at each corner. Absolutely unbeatable information for aero-cars and other highly-sprung chassis...more details.













































































































Blend 325 is here! Non-oxygenated unleaded racing fuel without the high dielectric value of others! Guaranteed legal in ALL SCCA classes, it also has similar throttle response capabilities as our popular 324 blend. Yes, our custom blending program is still available. Yes, we can ship fuels nationwide...more details.
























































































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