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Don't miss out on our dynamic clutching SnoTechnica seminar using data. Held in St. Germain, WI on Jan 10th, 2024. See details here:

SnoTechnica 2024


PAR Wins at Indy...Again!

We are proud to report that Kevin Woods, driving the KTM X-BOW GT2 prepped by Chicago Performance & Tuning, won the prestigious SRO-GT2 class at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday October 8th. After taking pole position Friday, and finishing a strong 2nd place in the first race, Kevin overcame cold conditions to win the Sunday feature by over 30 seconds. Kevin and the CPT crew utilized advanced engineering services of Precision AutoResearch and RaceDataPower engineering software to make a remarkable debut in the SRO series. To learn more, click here:  



This caps a terrific 2023 season in which PAR assisted teams won over 25 races and captured 6 championships. We now turn our attention back to the exciting world of Snowmobile racing, where our many clients are expected to repeat their past success in SnoX, Oval, Enduro, CrossCountry, and Drag sled racing.



















































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ATTENTION AIM USERS:  RaceStudio3, the AIM setup and data analysis software, has recently been updated with powerful new features!  Click the "Upgrade" button to jump to the download page where you can view a demo video and download the latest version.















































































The lineup of SnoPro products look similar, but are now updated with 25Hz GPS processors and more expandability. The Kompact and Club systems are now expandable, making them the most economical way to obtain advanced information for your race sled.




























































































Teams are learning all about ride height. True Ride Height. Our Ultrasonic Ride Height Sensor is useful for determining pitch, roll, and absolute ground clearance, something mere shock pots cannot do! Used with shock pots, you can determine the degree of tire growth/compression at each corner. Absolutely unbeatable information for aero-cars and other highly-sprung chassis...more details.





















































































Racing Video


...and Telemetry, too!

























SmartyCam3 has arrived.  There are 4 models available (Sport, Corsa, GP, and DualGP). The RaceLogic VBox HD2 systems are now in stock, as well. Naturally, PAR is the home to the best video options for you, regardless of your budget and race-vehicle.


More refined than ever, our telemetry systems interface with all the SnoPro, AIM, and Motec systems. Soon, video transmission will be readily available, as well. Stay tuned!
























































































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