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The Science of Driving

 Over 33 years ago, the Chicago Region PCA conducted the first  organized  drivers school in history.  Created by H. David Redszus, it  included a driving  manual that has been reprinted, copied and  borrowed (plagiarized) and  emulated everywhere.

 Now, finally, the maestro is back with a breakthrough in race driver  and  instructor training for professional, amateur, autocross and  enthusiastic  street  driving, and it can only be found at Precision  AutoResearch.

  If you can put aside what you’ve learned at “arrive and drive” schools  or “club   education” for just one weekend, we promise you will clip  whole seconds,  not tenths or hundredths, off of your best track time.

 You’ve never read about, heard about, or attended anything like this  before,  anywhere.  It is the graduate school of driving for racers and  instructors alike.

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