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Here at Precision AutoResearch, we have used and abused virtually every data acquisition system available. After thoroughly testing and comparing them all, we have assembled a comprehensive list of systems that provide the greatest versatility and value. Racers from the club-level up through the pros are able to collect data with user-friendly applications, easy to read dash displays and advanced analytical capability. In addition, for every system we offer we have accessory products available, allowing customization specific to your application.   Click on a system logo to get started!



















































































































































































MoTeC engine management and data acquisition systems are unrivaled in performance, reliability and versatility. With advanced technology and a multitude of expansion options, our products can be configured to suit almost any application—on land, water and even in the air. Every level is catered for, from high performance road vehicles and advanced amateur motorsport to top class professional race teams.






As AIM's oldest and most experienced dealer, Precision AutoResearch knows these data systems inside and out. Long considered the best value and versatility for hobbyist and amateur racers, AIM offers different products for different applications, including some professional applications. From simple lap-timers to complete dash loggers and video processors, we can help you determine the best system for your needs.





































































































































































































Need accessories for your current system? CLICK HERE!






























































With BoatPro systems you can record boat speed, propeller slip, evaluate prop design and engine trim for any hull design. Now we can also measure and record lateral G-forces in turns, inline acceleration G-forces during standing starts and coming off corners, trim angle, steer angle, any temperature or pressure, air / fuel mixtures and, of course, engine RPM . BoatPro is the most effective data acquisition and analysis system for your watercraft! Composed of four different systems, BoatPro systems are complete, tested, and ready to install.






SnoPro data systems are, by far, the most effective and affordable data acquisition systems for your racing snowmobile. You can accurately evaluate engine, clutch and suspension variables for any sled: drag, circle track, speed run, or SnoX.  No other systems can provide so much information for your team, with such little time or budget. The SnoPro lineup consists of four different products depending on your needs and budget. They are complete, tested, and ready to install in your sled.























We provide a full year of technical support with EVERY system!


Premium Precision Support: The most comprehensive training and support you can buy! Details





























































































































































































Don't be fooled by deeply discounted systems on the web! Many sites are selling refurbished and / or incomplete systems that have NOT undergone rigorous pre-installation testing and do NOT include proper technical support.

At PrecisionAutoResearch  we pride ourselves on our service and we stand behind our products.





















































































































Video - the ultimate compliment to your data system.  Now you can capture your race from virtually any angle!  Choose from a full system or self-contained mini-cameras.  Add as many cameras as you'd like for a virtual racing experience!

































































































































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