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Fuels and Additives

FirePower racing fuel is a Precision exclusive!  With 6 standard blends and the ability for custom blending, we can match the proper fuel for your engine, improve throttle response and extend the time between engine rebuilds. FirePower race fuels are the highest quality fuels you can buy.  Click for details

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Another Precision exclusive, XamaX is the ultimate in high-technology 2-stroke racing oil. It consistently provides maximum combustion and lubrication performance with minimal deposits. Over 50 national and international championships have been won with XamaX -- in karting, boating, sleds, and cycles!

RaceKool coolant concentrate keeps cooling systems (heads, radiator, heater-core, water pump and thermostat) clean and free of deposits. Merely blend one pint bottle with 2 gals of distilled water to have the ultimate in protection! Color tell-tale informs you of combustion-gas contamination in the coolant. For street or race use. Contains no glycols, therefore, its not an "antifreeze" so it is legal for racing!

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