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Realtime Acquisition of Cardiovascular Events

Over the years, drivers’ education and club racing events have experienced off-course excursions and crashes on a regular basis. The majority of these incidents have been attributed to vehicle malfunctions, track conditions, or driver error. As the demographics of PCA drivers changes (we are getting older!), there is concern that health issues contribute to on-track accidents. “No study has investigated the driver’s hemodynamic and cardiovascular responses to the stresses of automobile racing,” says Dr. Shahriar Dadkhah, cardiologist, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois and Director of Cardiology Research at Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston.

That statement was true, until he met Dr. David Redszus, a researcher in engineering, and proprietor of Precision AutoResearch. Dr. Redszus has carried a keen interest in driver safety, psychology, and on-track performance for more than 20 years. Some of you may know him as “Data Dave”, for his prominent role as advisor to club drivers and professional racing teams alike. His innovative use of data collection to help decouple driver behavior from vehicle behavior has helped many over the years.

Drs. Dadkhah and Redszus have established a research team to conduct a proper scientific analysis of driver physiology in real time. (The team is composed of experts in various fields of medicine, as well as an outstanding staff of nurses).  The intention of the RACE study is to develop methods to predict and prevent cardiac events before any on-track incident or accident. Using portable EKG monitors, on-vehicle data systems, on-site blood analysis, and other emerging technologies, the research team performed their first pilot study during the Chicago Porsche Club racing event at Road America during the Labor Day weekend last year. Nine volunteers were enrolled and nine more drivers participated at the Octoberfest Blackhawk DE on October 2-3 of 2004.

All study information is strictly confidential to each participant, but is pooled to gain a better understanding of our stress-induced physiology, while we do what we love!Participants who have potential health issues will be notified, so they may contact their doctor privately for further diagnosis and treatment.

If you are interested in participating in the study or possibly becoming a sponsor, please contact Dr. Redszus via email at PARbrowser@aol.com .

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