The SnoPro lineup consists of four different products depending upon your needs and budget.  As always, each of these systems interface with the powerful RaceStudio2 set-up and analysis software.  These are not partial systems.  They are complete, ready to install in your sled.  In addition, there are many optional sensors and accessories that allow you to customize your installation.  By far the most effective and affordable data acquisition systems for your racing snowmobile, SnoPro systems are second-to-none in providing so much information with such little time or budget.  CONTACT US for help determining which system is best for your application.

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Why the Pro's choose SnoPro...

For the very first time, it is possible to accurately measure and analyze clutch belt slip under all track conditions, making proper clutch set-up a lot easier. The good news doesn't stop there.  With a SnoPro system, you can accurately:

  • evaluate engine, clutch and suspsension variables for any sled (drag, circle track, speed run, or SnoX).
  • measure and record lateral G forces in turns
  • measure and record inline acceleration G forces
  • measure any temperature or pressure
  • measure air / fuel mixtures
  • measure RPM
  • record lap times and draw course maps for any track
  • show turn radius actually driven for each turn and each lap
  • measure sled height above the snow
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An excellent, low-cost starter system with full expansion capability.



The unit that started it all! From the Mil-spec cable that comes from the back, you can set up each channel with any sensor you need at any sample rate -- flexibility is yours!


The most popular professional data system in snowmobile racing to date! Designed with portability and logging power in mind, this unit examines lateral and in-line G's and it's ability to look at two separate speed sensors allow you to examine belt slip, clutch ratio and traction at any point on the track.


The most channels, the most memory, the most measurement capability, the most versatile of any snowmobile system anywhere.

BYO SnoPro

Custom Build-Your-Own system, starting with the base kit.

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