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A data acquisition system measures and records important vehicle parameters via sensors. These parameters can be analysed to gain insight into the behavior of the engine, chassis and driver, which can ultimately result in greater predictability and better performance on race day. Over recent years, data acquisition systems have become powerful tools that are vital to success at all levels of motorsport.  The basic hardware requirements include a logging device, sensors and wiring, plus a PC for data download and analysis. To use telemetry, additional equipment to transmit and receive data is needed.  Specialized software programs are used to configure the logging device, to analyze the logged data and optionally to view telemetry data.   To ensure a data system meets your needs, CONTACT US and we will help you determine the best system and components for your racing application.

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SDL3 - Sport Dash Logger

ADL3 - Advanced Dash Logger

The SDL3 comes standard as a combined display and powerful control device in one lightweight unit.  It offers the same construction and advanced technology as the top-of-the-line ADL3, but with a package of features tailored to more moderate system requirements. The ADL3 is a combined display, fully programmable data logger and powerful control device, all in one lightweight unit. It is a flexible, professional level system that is designed to grow with you as your requirements increase. As standard, the ADL3 comes with 16 MB of data logging, which can be upgraded to 250 MB at any time.

EDL3 - Enclosed Dash Logger

ACL - Advanced Central Logger

The  EDL3 is a fully programmable data logger and powerful control device in one lightweight unit. Based on the ADL3, it is supplied in an enclosed unit providing the flexibility to connect a display suitable for your application or to use as a 'black box' type data logger. As standard the EDL3 comes with 16 MB of data logging, upgradable to 250 MB, and 30 inputs/outputs.

The ACL is a highly configurable data acquisition and communications tool that is well suited to professional teams who place serious demands on their data equipment. The ACL performs data logging, data communication and sophisticated calculations, acquiring data from other MoTeC devices such as an EC, Dash Logger and up to eight VIMs, which enable it to log more than 200 inputs.

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