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When you are out on track, monitoring the performance of your vehicle can be vital in maintaining durability and improving your speed.  MoTeC displays are designed for flexibility, allowing drivers to configure multiple 'pages' with the information they most want to see at any given time, for example during practice, qualifying and race. This might include RPM, lap time details, gear, fuel and engine vitals. During qualifying, drivers will usually want a running lap time comparison showing gain/loss against a reference lap, and during a race they might want to see the lap number and fuel remaining.   CONTACT US and we can assist you in choosing a display that best suits your needs.

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SLM - Shift Light Module

The Shift Light Module (SLM) may be used for shift lights, warning lights or other indicators as programmed by the user.  It  provides eight multicolour LED indicator lights in a compact array. The colour, intensity and purpose of each LED can be controlled independently, providing enormous flexibility and scope for customisation. A set of patterns can be defined with various colour combinations and flashing modes, indicating for example: stop immediately, continue with caution, pit lane speed limiter active and of course, up-shift and down-shift. The LEDs can be programmed in a priority order so that, for example, a warning light can override a shift light.  The module is connected via CAN eliminating the need to use auxiliary outputs. Compatible with SDL3, ADL3, ACL, M400, M600, M800, M880

MDD - Mini Digital Display

MDD Steering Wheel

The Mini Digital Display (MDD) is a small satellite display, compact enough to mount on the steering wheel, but it can also be mounted in a more conventional position. Typical applications for the MDD are as a display for a MoTeC ECUor the ACL or EDL2 data logging systems that do not have a built in display.

MoTeC provides customised steering wheels based on standard Momo and Sparco steering wheels fitted with an MDD display, lights, buttons and switches as per customer's requirement.

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