Speed Sensors


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Magnetic Speed Sensor High-sensitivity sensor, permits magnetic pickup to be up to 3/4" away.  Standard sensor provided with all systems.  Includes fastening nuts and magnet.   Cable is black.
Inductive Proximity Speed Sensor To detect speed using moving ferrous material, such as bolt heads.  Sensor mounts 2-4mm from rotation reference.  Includes fastening nuts.   Cable is white.
Speed Sensor Collar Slips over axles and jackshafts to permit easy installation of speed sensor pickups.  Includes one or two magnets per collar.   Please specify your shaft diameter.
GPSpeed Sensor Measure your speed using GPS signals.  Ideal for boats, sled, and other applications where wheelspeed is unobtainable or unreliable.  May be used along with existing speed sensors to calibrate speed, as well.

  Utilizes same plug as normal  AIM speed sensor.

Belt Speed Sensor Measure belt slippage separately from clutch movement.  Takes clutch tuning to another level beyond mere JS/Engine ratio.   For any system with 2 or   more   speed inputs.

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