Position \ Distance Sensors


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String Potentiometer


Stainless string spool.  Very easy installation.  Can handle up to 40g retraction rate. Used to monitor steering, throttle, power valve and suspension travel.


   10, 15, or 20" travel lengths
Linear Potentiometer


The best method for monitoring fork and track travel in high-risk environment.


  2 to 8" travel ranges

Push Potentiometer


Compact, spring-loaded push potentiometer.  Useful for detecting pedal travel, where precise motion monitoring is not necessary.


  Useful for drivers.


Rotary Potentiometer



Typically used for steering.  Also helpful for suspension rocker travel.  String -pot now recommended for steering.


  Useful for engines, drivers and chassis.


Non-Contact Distance



Measure absolute ride-heights and a variety of air gaps to the ground, water, or snow.


  30-210mm and 0.2-1.0m range   (inquire about alternate ranges)

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